Come and Adore

by Jonathan Haefs

1Long, long ago
In a land far, far away
Lived a Jewish girl named Mary
Who worked hard every day.

You see her family was so poor
Like everyone around.
And life was pretty hard
In their rinky-dinky town.

In fact, things weren’t so great
For the entire Jewish nation.
And they were longing for a savior
Who would come and bring salvation.

But the people had been waiting
For like four hundred years!
It seemed that the messiah
Simply never would appear!

2But suddenly something happened!
Suddenly everything changed!
An angel came to Mary
And said something very strange…

“Mary,” said the angel,
“God’s favor rests on you
And through your obedience
His promise will come true!

Mary, you will have a baby,
And he will be God’s son.
The savior you’ve been waiting for
finally will come!”

Mary was in shock,
But still she bowed her head,
“The Lord’s will be done, O angel,
Just as you have said.”

So, a baby boy began to grow
Inside of Mary’s womb.
God himself took on flesh
To come to me and you.

3Now Joseph, Mary’s fiancé,
Did not know what to do,
But the angel came in a dream
And said, “Joseph, it’s all coo’!

Take Mary as your wife
And do not feel ashamed.
This child is the Lord himself
Jesus shall be his name!

4So, Joseph took Mary
And they went on a little trip.
The government demanded it
Ask your parents, it’s the pits!

They soon arrived in Bethlehem
Yet found no place to stay.
So, Christ was born among some cows
And slept upon the hay

5But our story is not over
Cause the angels were not done.
They could not keep from speaking
Of the birth of God’s own son!

They told the shepherds on the hills,
“Good tidings of great joy,
Peace on earth, God’s grace toward men
Has come and “it’s a boy!”

6The shepherds ran with haste to see
The face they’d waited for.
They came to Christ, fell on their knees,
They came and they adored.

And the invitation is the same
For you, and yes, for me…
We’re all invited to “come and see”
At the crib side of our king.

7We can come and adore
By the manger side
‘Cause Jesus Christ was not just born,
No, he lived, and he died

Jesus took on all our sin
And bore its punishment.
The cross, dear child, was the purpose
Of his first advent.

8But Jesus did not stay dead
Cold and lying in a tomb!
The grave it could not hold him
For again there was no room!

On day three he rose again
Now he reigns from his throne!
Soon he’ll return, a second Advent,
To claim us as his own!

9So, come let us adore him
That invitation is for you.
Like Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds
We’re included too.

So, come let us adore him
The savior who has come,
The savior who is coming,
Our savior who has won!


*Illustrations by Noah Stalcup
*Poem by Jonathan Haefs