Lent Devotional: James 1:9-10

by Jonathan Haefs

James 1:9-10
Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation, and the rich in his humiliation, because like a flower of the grass he will pass away.

Are you poor? Are you wealthy? Perhaps you’re in the middle?

What are advantages and disadvantages of your financial situation? They might actually be different than you’d think at first.

No matter our economic situation, finances always tempt us to focus on the things of this world…whether in want or in excess. Temporary riches (or the lack thereof) weigh upon our thoughts as if they are all that matters.

James wants us to lift our gaze from temporary to eternal treasures and judge our current situation in light of our kingdom situation. The poor can boast in their exaltation in Christ! No matter there lack of wealth in this life, they have wealth that will never fade for all eternity. They are rich in the only way that matters and can boast in eternal security!

The rich can boast in their humiliation…anything that shows the folly of trusting in riches. The wealthy believer knows that all earthly wealth is temporary and will eventually all pass away. Their true hope is in Christ. Thus, whenever they encounter a situation of financial loss…they can still boast/glory in Christ for they have not lost any of their true wealth! Such boasting in humiliation reveals to the world where true riches lie…in Jesus.

No matter if you are rich or poor (or anywhere in between), the things you glory in reveal to the world that which you believe to be truly valuable… is it Jesus?

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