Behold Love

by Jonathan Haefs

*I wrote the following poem as a Christmas gift to the body of believers I serve as pastor. We spent this Advent season going through John 1:1-14 simply wanting to behold the glory of Jesus, God incarnate.  I pray this Christmas fills your heart with the hope, love, joy, and peace of Christ as you celebrate his first Advent and anticipate his second.

Before time and space
Or need for grace
Before sin and fall
There was love

Father and Son
And Spirit one
In harmony
There was love

In perfect dance
And not by chance
They created all
All through love

By Father’s hand
And Word’s command
The Spirit breathed
All through love

The Word gave life
Which was the light
To all mankind
Living love

The darkness pierced
Light beaming fierce
Not overcome
Shining love

Yet sin and doubt
Tried to cloud out
Bright beauty
We’re blind to love

No longer seeing
No longer feeling
Worse than sick
We’re dead to love

The Word was not done
In flesh he’s come
His light, his life
And his love

Incarnate he
Flesh wrapped deity
His grace, his truth
And his love

His infant cry
Grace filled lullaby
Sung for you and I
Song of love

A manger scene
An eternal king
Hear God sing
Song of love

Behold him now
Before him bow
In-fleshed somehow
Behold love

In time and space
So full of grace
See his face
And behold love