Lent Devotional: Jonah 4:1-4

by Jonathan Haefs

Jonah 4:1-4 (click here)
And the LORD said [to Jonah], “Do you do well to be angry?” (Jonah 4:4)

Do we do well to be angry with God?

Is it right or good to be angry with him? The short answer is no. It’s not right to for us to be angry with God because he is never in the wrong! He never sins, he never makes mistakes…there is never actually a justifiable reason to be angry with the Lord.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t experience anger with the Lord…and whenever we do we should be honest with the Lord about it. We should never try to stuff down our feelings and pretend like everything is okay.

It is a sin to be inauthentic with God.

We must be honest when we are angry with the Lord, but that doesn’t make our anger at him right. Jonah was angry because God had shown grace to people whom Jonah didn’t think deserved it. There is no question that Jonah was in the wrong. It was not right for him to be angry with God.

It also was not good for him to be angry with the Lord. Jonah’s anger was only bringing about destruction. It was destroying his relationship with the Lord and, ultimately, it was destroying Jonah himself.

Jonah’s desire to see Nineveh destroyed was causing him to self-destruct. This is what un-forgiveness, bitterness, and anger do…they always bring about the destruction of the one who is harboring these things in his/her heart.

Desiring the destruction of others ALWAYS brings about self-destruction.

It is not good…it is not right…we do not do well to be angry with God.

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