Lent Devotional: Psalm 20

by Jonathan Haefs

Psalm 20 (click here)
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. (Psalm 20:7)

In what do we place our trust?

When our very lives are on the line, to what or who will we turn? We will turn to the resources of the world and the things in which all other people trust…things like horses and chariots…or will we turn to the Lord?

What are our modern day horses and chariots? Government? Social programs? Military might? Money? Possessions? Family?

Our ultimate trust is to be placed in none of these things, but in the only thing that can actually be trusted…the name of the Lord! “The name of the Lord” is his character…his reputation…it is everything about who he is. It’s not just a title or label. It is the very core of who he is.

I think the reason we do not trust in the name of the Lord, is because we do not know his name… we don’t know his reputation, or who he is, or what he is like. We don’t trust in the Lord, because we don’t know how strong he is, how faithful he is, how loving he is… we don’t know his history of amazing faithfulness to his unfaithful people.

We do not trust in the name of the Lord because the reputation concerning the strength of horses and chariots is larger in our minds and hearts than the reputation of the Lord’s strength.

We desperately need to know the name of the Lord! We need to see him in all his power, majesty, strength, faithfulness, love, and glory! In the light of his true name, all the horses and chariots the world has to offer look about as trustworthy as a hungry hound in a chicken house.

Do we want to trust in the name of the Lord? Then we must know his name! We must know him for who he is!

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