A Year Ago Today

by Jonathan Haefs

A Year Ago Today… my third child Talitha was born. What gift can a father give to one whose existence is a gift to him? I give you my heart little one… and a small expression of the joy that filled it on May 20th, 2013.

A Year Ago Today (For Talitha)

10541_10100885639164368_537370369_nA year ago today
Your mother woke me from my sleep
She told me you were on your way
And that brought me to my feet

We hurried from the house
I cranked the van and closed the door
Your mother climbed into the back
I pressed the pedal to the floor

1374177_10101076839527308_22319920_nA year ago today
I broke about 100 laws
Lakeshore was my racetrack
And I, a rebel with a cause

I gave stop signs no heed
Red lights looked green to me
As we rushed along to Brookwood
Like a cop to a crime scene

10313437_10101434521205358_2269208210684613729_nA year ago today
We skipped the hospital red tape
No paper work for us
No line, no stall, no wait

They took us to a room
The nurses rushed around like mad
Your mother could barley say a word
The pains were coming on so bad

310272_10100871534989248_1925503268_nA year ago today
The doctor barely came in time
He caught you, and they cleaned you
Then they told me you were mine

You wrapped your tiny fingers
Around my man-sized thumb
So small, so fragile, still I could see
You looked exactly like your mom

10341404_10101432787819078_3931128330214472219_nA year ago today
In my heart, you cut out a place
You made it yours, yes yours alone
To fill, to keep, to grace

I’m always yours, your always mine
No matter what you say
You have my love from that time forth
A year ago today


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*Below is a short video I made last year when Talitha was born…