The Advent of Hope

by Jonathan Haefs

*I wrote the following poem as a Christmas gift to the body of believers I serve as pastor. I pray that it fills your heart with the hope, love, joy, and peace of Christ as you celebrate his first Advent and anticipate his second Advent.

People where-in darkness dwell
A new star’s light from heaven fell
Angelic glorias fill the sky
And harmonize with baby’s cry

Young girl, still sweaty, wipes her brow
Loving eyes, caress him now
The infant sleeps, as she sings
Her voice the rush of angel’s wings

The carpenter stands, strong yet tender
Adoptive father, rights surrendered
His life he gives to this child
To raise and praise him, meek and mild

Shepherds come in from the fields
To see this babe, they stop, they kneel
No longer keepers of sheep it seems
They are the flock, and he shepherd-king

The babe’s chest heaves amidst the cold
While worlds spin on because he holds
Omnipotence wrapped in this small child
Hope of the world in his sovereign smile

Immanuel, God with us
Truth in flesh, incarnate love
Through his life and death the world will see
He’s fully man, fully deity

For death will never hold him down
The king will rise to take his crown
Ascend to sit on heaven’s throne
From whence he’ll come to claim his own

O people dwelling in the night
He will return arrayed in light
Look up as glory fills the sky
The Advent of hope draweth nigh