The Lion

by Jonathan Haefs

Lion-013-2048x2048The lion breaks first ray of dawn
with roaring, triumphant tone.
Night in his train, engulfed and gone,
he ascends to lofty throne.

Each step burns brighter, glorious day,
wrapped in voluptuous light.
His banner o’er his people wave.
Declare his bulwark might.

The song begins, music floods in,
procession has now begun.
The crowd of brothers, all his kin,
press in to see the son.

King of kings, Lord of lords,
you set us free from sinful cords

Climbing higher still to reach his seat,
angelic songs break free.
No chords e’er sounded with such heat,
pressure set on every knee.

The massive throng now falling down
sent forth a shower of gold.
For they let go their shining crowns
to which they used to hold.

In unison, saints voices rang
and shook the glimmering hall.
A virgin song from their lips sang
in answer to a call.

cross-with-lighteningKing of kings, life-giving stream,
by your blood we’ve been redeemed

Blinding smoke came in, filled the court
‘til one could scarcely breathe.
A sight unable to report
demanding a reprieve.

The light of glory shattered the haze,
foundations began to shake.
Sublimity made mind a maze.
How much splendor could it take?

Peals of thunder mixed with roars,
the lion nears his chair.
Glancing up from golden floors,
see mane of snow white hair.

King of kings, life in your breath.
You’ve brought us back, through hell, through death.

Turning round to take his place,
all heaven in suspense.
The lion king of love and grace,
his reign now to commence

Yet as he sits, it seems he stands
and this a curious sight.
The vision glory still expands
consumed in radiant light

lion-and-lambAll along, this seems the plan,
not a lion, that is plain.
For in his place there is a lamb,
one standing as though slain.

King of kings, the great I am
You are the lion and the lamb.