Letter #3: Pick a Prof

by Jonathan Haefs

Dear Jonathan,

So the search has begun…you are officially looking for a seminary. You’re freaking out aren’t you? You don’t even know where to begin. I heard that you started pulling books off of your shelf to read author bios and see where they went to school. I assure you, a game of author roulette is not the best method for choosing a seminary. Google is not a real viable option either.

I do trust that God can providentially guide you to a good school despite your ignorance, but might I offer one thought that perhaps God, in his providence, will use in your search.

At the end of the day, the relationships you form at seminary will be what impact your life and ministry the most. It is through relationships with friends and professors that the Holy Spirit will wield the truth of God’s Word in your life. You will be taught the Word by people, discuss it with people, pray over it with people, believe it and learn to obey it with people.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.16.46 AMPeople are essential to your seminarian journey.

Obviously you cannot choose who will attend seminary alongside you, but you can choose your professors. As you look at schools, I would encourage you to direct most of your attention to the faculty. Before you look at the prestigious name of a place, its course line-up, the campus, the city, etc. look at who will be pouring into your life.

God designed the Christian life to be one of perpetual discipleship and seminary is an unique opportunity to be discipled intensely. Therefore, be wise about who will disciple you. Think about your calling and find a professor who will guide, encourage, and educate you in that direction.

I understand that you are called to pastor and want to be an effective communicator of the Gospel, so look for someone who can train you as a pastor and preacher. Find a mentor, a discipler, a friend and sit under them.

Jonathan, when it comes to choosing a seminary, do not pick a place…pick a prof.

Grace and Peace,


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