Lent Devotional: Jeremiah 32:32-35

Jeremiah 32:32-35 (click here)
They have turned to me their back and not their face. And though I have taught them persistently, they have not listened to receive instruction. (Jeremiah 32:33)

When is the last time God spoke to you?

Can you remember it? Can you recall what he said and how it felt to hear him speak? For many people, these questions cause feelings of doubt and despair because they feel as though all they receive from the Lord is silence.

But is that true? Is God silent… or are we not listening?

In Jeremiah 32, God says that he has taught his people persistently, but they have not listened. What does he mean? His voice has not boomed from the heavens. None of these people had encountered a burnish bush, an angelic messenger, or seen ignored signs in the sky.

So how had he been speaking? The answer is not flashy. The answer is rather plain. God had been consistently speaking to his people through his Word. The priests taught the Word and the Prophets proclaimed the Word. God spoke constantly to his people through his Word, but they turned their back to him, not their face, by ignoring his Word.

God still speaks through his Word. You can hear his voice right now! Pick up the Scriptures, read and hear the very voice of God! God is persistently speaking to you through his Word written and his Word proclaimed!

All too often we turn our backs to the Word because that is not the WAY we want him to speak to us. It’s not flashy enough… it is too plain. We desire a mystical experience like a burning bush, an angelic messenger, or a sign in the sky.

We’re like Naaman, who was told that to cure his leprosy he need only to dip seven times in the river Jordan. In his pride, he almost missed out on healing because he wanted to be given a great task that emphasized his own greatness. To bathe in the Jordan would take humble obedience that placed all emphasis and glory on the gracious power of God.

We have told that hearing from God persistently happens through bathing in his Word. Such an act does not make us look grand and super-spiritual, like having awesome mystical experiences would. No… such an act requires humble obedience and places all emphasis and glory on the graciousness of God to speak to us through his Word.

Don’t turn your back to the Lord! Hear his voice today by turning your face towards his Word. He is persistently speaking to you.

Are you listening?

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